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The Feigenbaum Way

The Feigenbaum Way

General Systems Company’s
12 Proprietary Systems Technologies
To achieve short and long-term business
results for all companies, large or small

Custom Tailored Business Management Solutions
Utilizing GSC’s Broad Application Experience and Extensive Best Practices Guidance

Management Capital & Innovation
The Feigenbaum Way
Total Quality



The Power of
Management Innovation
And the effect of
the State of the Economy
on Innovation




“The Global Leader In Management and Quality” – Providing Senior Management Consultation and Implementing Proprietary Management Operating Systems that Accelerate the Competitive business Strengths of Leading Manufacturing and Services Companies Worldwide.

General Systems Company (GSC) has been helping major businesses worldwide for over 30 years to attain leadership in growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Now GSC is defining the new rule book for innovation in 21st century management and quality. The Power of Management CapitalTM is driving productivity and profitability growth in today’s marketplace. Meanwhile, Total Quality leadership is introducing systemic programs to achieve quality excellence. This newest management/quality partnership is a groundbreaking concept for top management involvement and corporate governance that has been demonstrated by the pacesetter companies that are locked in the struggle for winning the fiercely competitive markets of the new millennium.

GSC offers expertise, experience, and cutting edge technology that has spanned across 24 major product and service industries. GSC’s proprietary management operating systems selectively employ state of the art management and quality techniques, such as six sigma, lean management, supply chain management, just-in-time, customer value, process capability management, and the basic statistical quality control disciplines where they are most needed. This structured approach to total quality management has characterized GSC’s success in helping leading manufacturing and services companies worldwide to accelerate their competitive business strengths in closing the gap and attainment of world class results.


Based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, General Systems was founded in 1968 by Dr. Armand V. Feigenbaum, the father of Total Quality Management, and his brother Dr. Donald S. Feigenbaum, an acknowledged leader in systems management and systems engineering.

Three key policies define the character of General Systems’ management solutions:

1. Close Partnership with its customers to make them unquestioned business profitability leaders in their industries through the relentless continuous acceleration of value for their customers, their investors, and their employees.

2. Emphasis on execution for major customer results from the implementation of advanced General Systems solutions stressing not only the management of quality, but also, “the quality of management.”

3. Serving global markets to bring together best practices from throughout the world.
Extensive application experience and 12 major systems technologies have established General Systems as a global leader in implementing management and quality solutions that provide our customers with:

  • Customer Value Leadership
  • Operating Cost Leadership
  • Management Innovation and Total Resource Utilization and,
  • Empowering a Company Culture of Superior Performance

Each General Systems Program is custom-tailored following a thorough analysis of the customer company’s operations and business requirements. Direct Senior Management consultation with the World authorities on Quality at GSC provides direction and defines objectives, while GSC’s highly experienced systems engineers work on-site with customer personnel at all levels to replace failure-driving activities with prevention-driven work processes throughout the customer’s entire business operations. This is done with maximum utilization of powerful quality improvement tools to meet specifically targeted goals such as “Baldrige criteria” of “ISO 9000/14000 certification” and to assure maximum short and long tern business results. 

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Management Capital and Total Quality are service marks of the General Systems Company.
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